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Helmet and Staff in Real-Time

Helmet and Staff in Real-Time

UDK Renders

UDK Renders


Close Up

In UDK Render



Main Texture

Secondary Textures

Credits (Click The Name For Link)

Christina Danelon - Level Artist/Environment Artist
Logan Miller - Art Director/Environment Artist
Valeri Vidakovic - Production Manager/Environment Artist
Dima Kulakov - Technical Director/Environment Artist
May Lok - Environment Artist
Josh Cartwright - Environment Artist
Salar Salahi - Environment Artist
Weidong Liang - Environment Artist

Special Thanks

Dan Cox
Paul Mandegarian
Billy Matjiunis
Phil Bredehoeft
Sean Guadron
Aaron Mclean
Daniel Stopnicki
Josh Druckman
Kai Zhang


This project was done in a couple of months for Seneca's

Gaming Course. I played the role of an Environmental Artist

and Technical Artist. In a span of couple of months I managed

to learn a great deal about game Physx, Particles, Shaders and

Materials. Likewise, I learned how to work within an artistic

style and adapt my work so it would fit the scene. I'd like to

thank my group members and fellow teachers for participating

and being kind enough with devoting their time and support.

It surely was a privilege to have worked with such talented,

like-minded individuals.

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