Game Character

Creation Notes

Character in UE4; 'ElementalDemo' Level was created by Epic

Intro / Workflow - Part 1

Let's Begin!


Game Character Creation Notes were put together in attempts to fill in the gaps for people who are trying to dive into the world of Character Making. Hopefully by presenting the information in a Pipeline matter listeners would be able to add-on certain info to their already existing knowledge. 

Special Thanks

Tan ZhiHui for allowing me to use his awesome concept.


Modeling - Part 2

Edge Loops, Cuts and Topological Flow


Rigging - Part 3

Topology Demonstration

Simple Geometry FK Rig

Mouse Hover - Pivot Point Positions


Unwrapping - Part 4


Material/Element Cheat Sheet


Texturing - Pass#1 - Part 5

First Pass of Texture Creation

Simple First Pass

Texture - First Pass


 Animating - Pass#1 - Part 6

Keep it 'Technically Correct' and Simple, so it could be easily Re-Timed/Adjusted

Every Anim Cycle should be able to blend from one into the other

4-Frame Animation Cycle

First Pass Animations in Sketchfab


Texturing - Pass#2 - Part 7

Principles of Texturing and Setting up 3D-Coat

Mesh Separated out for 3D-Coat

Micro Shots


Texture Maps - 1024x1024


Animating - Pass#2 - Part 8

Adding Detail/Character to Animations

8-Frame Cycle, Adjustment Layers Should be used as a Last Resort

Final Turntable Animations in Marmoset

Downloadable Resources

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