In Game Screenshots

Closing Thoughts

I have been given a great opportunity to have worn so many Artistic Hats (Modeling, Rigging, Texturing, Prop building, Tiliable Texture Creation). An empowering environment to try and push your skills to the highest level you can.


Outside my skill-set I've learned about the Business of running a small studio, the Managerial mind-set of distributing tasks in accord with the schedule, thinking about the game-play and level design and being able to learn and produce work in the realm of a new artistic style.

And most importantly, I got a chance to work side by side with extremely enthusiastic and passionate professionals who aren't afraid to break things and remake them to be better, all for the sake of enhancing the overall vision. Randall has written the Game Engine from scratch implementing the game mechanics that he loved from his childhood, Adam has an amazing skill-set which allows him to tackle and solve any visual problems.